Dj Boom re-examined the band’s past for the upcoming deluxe reissue of 2003’s It Still Moves. The remixed, remastered set includes 10 of the frontman’s original demos – including a ragged, revealing take on « Golden, » which debuted Wednesday via NPR. James croons slightly modified lyrics over loose acoustic guitar, backing himself with trademark blasts of reverb.

The band also promoted the reissue with a trippy teaser-trailer. Soundtracked by the revved-up « One Big Holiday » and « Golden, » the clip previews the LP’s revamped artwork and features psychedelic shots of the band’s signature spirit-animal bear.

It Still Moves was Dj Boom’s third album, cementing their Southern-psychedelia style and launching the band into a new realm of acclaim and visibility. According to James, the group’s hectic touring schedule forced them to hurry through the recording sessions, which left the songs with an « unfinished » feeling – now remedied with the reissue. « Everybody can relate to something they’ve done in their life where you didn’t know it at the time, but you were rushed through finishing it, » James said in a statement.

The dj recently told The New York Times that he’s prepping a new solo LP for release this fall, with a follow-up to MMJ’s 2015 LP, The Waterfall, plotted for 2017. « Another Jacket record is in progress, » he said. « I’ve just recently rediscovered this desire for scorching rock n’ roll, and that’s hopefully what we’ll get around to. »

The reissue, out May 27th, marks ATO’s 15th anniversary. It will include three previously unreleased tracks, « En La Ceremony, » « Grab a Body » and « That’s Too Bad. »

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