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Ommy Dimpoz – Ni Wewe (Official Music Video)

6 février 2019

After a year of hardship and going through 3 surgeries, Ommy Dimpoz has returned to the music scene with ‘Ni Wewe » Rockstar Africa presents Ommy Dimpoz Ni Wewe, a song to thank his fans, family and friends but most of all « Our almighty Lord » who has protected him throughout his sickness to his well being.

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Marhox feat Enock Bella – CHEZA [Official music video]

6 juin 2018

Pata msani Marhox kutoka Canada na Enock Bella wa Tanzania wametowa video ya wimbo wao mpya:
Cheza. Una weza pata wimbo huu kwenye soko za kimataifa online..

Facebook: @marhox
Instagram: @marhoxmeba

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